Timing Tips

When you're planning a wedding day timeline, the best advice I could give is to ADD CUSHION TIME! Sometimes the most simple thing can take an extra 20 minutes and then all of the sudden, the whole morning is thrown off. I have seen "getting the bride in her dress" take almost 40 minutes because of a button malfunction. It's a smart idea to add in an extra ten minutes here and there so that we have some wiggle room to work with.

This way, if one part of the day gets thrown off by 20 minutes, I can help you compensate that time in other areas. There are so many different things to think about when you're planning a wedding day and so here are some tips for the pre-ceremony timeline. I realize that every single wedding day is different, and so not all of these tips will apply to every wedding day schedule. Something else to consider is that not everything will go as planned, and I promise you, that is completely normal!

About 2-3 months before your wedding I will send over a wedding questionnaire to learn every detail of the day a create a minute by minute timeline...


Bouquets & Bouts

You will need your bouquet & bouts for your First Look. Have them delivered to the room where the bride is getting ready.

Hair & Makeup

I encourage brides to have the makeup artist come to the getting ready location vs. going to a salon. If you need recommendations on hair and makeup artists that travel, I have a list of girls here.

Travel Time

Be sure to think about the travel time and TRAFFIC to and from your getting ready location and venue.

Groomsmen Prep

My second shooter will photograph the guys getting ready if they are getting ready to the same location as the bride or within a 10-15 minute drive.

Getting Dressed

I'll instruct you to get into your dress close to a window, and it will be fabulous to have your bridesmaids dressed when you're getting in your gown.

Creating Cushion

A 10-minute cushion now and then is a great idea. It's amazing how fast time slips away the day of.