If we're being honest, all of the wedding day images are important but the real favorites are almost always from my time with the Bride and Groom. These portraits of just the two of you will be the images that you frame beside your bed, over your mantle and that will also be the images that will fill your album for generations to enjoy. For this brief moment in time, you will be alone with your groom on your wedding day. You will have a chance to love on each other and connect before the craziness begins. If you choose a First Look, portraits are normally done before the ceremony and then I love shoot a few "just married" portrait after the ceremony as well. This is when the light is low and golden! If you are not interested in a first look, we will make sure to include a lot of time after the ceremony for these portraits.

*Quick tip:

If you do not plan to do a first look, try extending your cocktail hour by an additional half hour.