Clarks Landing Yacht Club Wedding Point Pleasant, NJ | New Jersey Wedding Photographer

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From Elena: Our wedding day was magical. From the perfect weather to the ornate Russian Orthodox Ceremony and finally ending with an amazing party at Clarks Landing Yacht Club Point Pleasant. It was everything we hoped for and more when we set out to plan our perfect wedding. Our wedding didn't have a specific theme-that's just not us. We both love neutrals and greens so we went for a romantic, timeless look full of lush white flowers, off white linens and lots of candles.  

Your favorite part:  As cliche as it sounds, my favorite part of our wedding was the ceremony. Not only was the ceremony ornate and beautiful as all Russian Orthodox ceremonies are but the love we felt was unreal. Our pictures speak for themselves, during the entire ceremony all my husband and I did was smile and stare at each other. It really was the most magical day ever. 

Advice for other brides: My husband and I decided about a month before the wedding that the day before the wedding we were going to let it all go. Meaning, we weren't going to stress about the small stuff or any last minute details. Instead, we wanted to enjoy the day with our families and just be in the moment! For the most part we stuck to it but of course i was little on edge but hey, it was the day before my wedding! So, my advice is make a conscious effort to let it all go and be IN THE MOMENT. You'll never get that back. 

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