Session Investment


All mini-sessions are $99 per session. With that investment, you'll receive 15-20 minutes of shooting time, and two edited digital images of your choice.

From there, you are able to order additional gift prints, albums, wall prints, wraps, digital negatives and products. Image boxes and announcements are our most popular products with all of our themed mini sessions.

What to wear


The mini session will have some of the elements of the above "mood board".  The set will have that exact chair and greenery in the background. I suggest wearing neutrals or earth tones for this session. I have added a few outfits below for inspiration as you pick your children's clothing. Please email me with your selections if you need help making final selections.

  • Don't try to match, try to pick outfits and accessories that coordinate instead.
  • Most patterns are okay. However, graphics are not favorable for portraits.
  • Add accessories that can be quickly taken off can help change up the portraits (i.e. vests, scarves, etc...)


Tips for your session


1. Be on time.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early. We will have drinks, snacks, and coloring for the kids so please make yourself comfortable.  You can use this time to make sure you have everything ready to go. When it's your turn, everyone will be a little more relaxed and ready to go!


2. Review our clothing suggestions section above.

Because there are props and that sort of thing, I often give suggestions for colors or clothing to wear to prevent clashing with the background.


3. Make sure your children are well rested and fed.

You can also bring snacks to help during the session should they need a little incentive. I suggest bringing small snacks, like gummies. Please avoid chocolate as it melts quickly and can stain their clothes.


4. Dress comfortably.

When you (and/or the kids) are in clothes they feel comfortable in, the photos turn out that much better. Try not to wear clothes that constrict or are made from itchy materials. Take it from someone who's been photographing people for years: your discomfort shows!


5. Get excited!

This is going to be so much fun, so why not get super pumped about your session? We have wiggle room between each session so if you child needs some warming up, do not stress. We will work with them until we get the shots!

Mini Session FAQ'S


How is a mini session different from a standard session?

Mini Sessions are for children only with the exception of Mother's Day, and Christmas. In addition to the time being shorter, mini-sessions are customized by me instead of us customizing the session together. Based on the theme, I select the props, background, and clothing suggestions.


How often do you offer mini sessions?

I offer holiday-themed mini sessions throughout the year. If you subscribe to my newsletter or follow Jessica Cooper Photography on Facebook or Instagram, you'll be in-the-know for all our upcoming mini-sessions.


How much do you charge for a mini-session?

Each 20-minute mini session costs $99. Includes two digital images with the opportunity to purchase additional digitals or products.


How many poses will I get in a mini session?

You'd be surprised at how much you can pack into a 20-minute session. Often we'll get two to three poses per mini-session, giving you lots to choose from when it comes to prints and products!


Who can sign up for your mini-sessions?

Typically, I open my mini-sessions up to children only. Once a year we open up mini sessions for families for Christmas cards.


How soon will I have access to my pictures?

I edit all photos within ten days of your mini-session. I'm sensitive to timing. For example, I schedule my Easter mini-sessions in mid-March, allowing you plenty of time to look over your photos, order products and mail out cards promptly.


Can I book two mini-session slots in a row?

For three or more children, I would recommend booking two different mini-sessions. This way we have time to photograph each child individually & together.


What kinds of products do you offer?

In addition to gift prints, notecards, postcards, gallery wraps, albums, magnets, the list goes on! To order additional gift prints, digital negatives, and products, we will open your gallery for 72 hours for you to place your order. Image boxes and announcements are favorite products with all of our themed mini sessions.

Mini Questionnaire

Thank you for selecting us to photograph you! Please take a few minutes to fill out your Mini Session Questionnaire. This is a very important step in the process and helps us get to know your family and plan the session to ensure the best possible portrait session.

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